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electric train on Ara to Sasaram railway

electric train on Ara to Sasaram railway

arrahcity bureau:

Electric train will soon run on the Ara to Sasaram railway line from March 31. People will soon get the benefit of this. Now it will save time in traveling between Sasaram to Ara.

On Wednesday, DRM Ranjan Prakash Thakur of Danapur Railway Board reached Ara from the special train and reviewed the ongoing works on Ara Junction. He ordered to accelerate the work by imposing more labor. He said that all work will be completed by February 15.

DRM pointed out that the electrification work on the Ara Sasaram rail line is in progress and by March 31, the electric engine will run on it. Along with the train from Ara Junction to Ranchi and other places will also open. An auto signal is being installed for this.

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